Food for All DC

Welcome to Food For All DC, a volunteer-run DC-based organization established in 1984. Food For All promotes healthy social connectivity through home food delivery for people affected by adversity, through bulk food distributions with DC partners, and by providing opportunities for meaningful volunteer engagement.

It’s Our Fall 2022 Campaign!

When you donate to Food for All DC you provide much needed groceries to those still recovering financially and disproportionately impacted by rapidly rising costs.

We run almost entirely on your donations and on volunteers. We are seeking to raise $50,000 by the end of December and have already lined up donors who will match your donations up to at least $12,000.

2021 Annual Report

Looking to volunteer?

Well run, organized and fun. Plus you see the difference you make,.

Allison (volunteer)

I will be coming back. I loved it and the people I met were so thankful, grateful and heart warming. You have no idea

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