Corporate Opportunities (with Sponsorship)

  • Half-day volunteer events at our 16th St NW food pantry
  • Includes direct service and meaningful conversation
  • Boosts employee morale and solidarity
  • Organizations make a gift donation which helps cover operational costs

GEICO team members at Food For All’s 16th St locationFood for All DC invites local DMV businesses and corporations to sponsor and participate in its corporate volunteer program. Today, these organizations are well-positioned to create positive social and environmental benefits in their communities through corporate social responsibility programs that create opportunities to meaningfully engage employees in making their communities whole.

Through our corporate volunteer and sponsorship program, FFA offers organizations and their employees volunteer opportunities that bring CSR to life at its food pantry in Washington, D.C.

Volunteering with Food for All DC was a great experience. We packed numerous bags, while chatting with members of the FFA team. They clearly care about people. We were able to meet recipients of the food delivery service who now no longer need it. We also connected with the group by discussing the act of sharing food and how it is such a quintessential piece of being human.  It was definitely rewarding to contribute to Food For All DC’s cause with my team. – Allison S., GEICO

Typically, a volunteer opportunity at Food for All DC lasts 2-3 hours and includes direct service through packing and delivering food bags as well as powerful conversations around issues related to food insecurity. Such encounters provide employees with the fulfillment of making a positive social impact and of sharing a deeper connection with coworkers through acts of solidarity.

Volunteering at Food For All DC is a great experience for your workers and your organization.

  • Increased staff morale. People feel good when they do good. Employees appreciate companies that enable the common human need to make a difference in the world.
  • Better team cohesiveness. With many employees working remotely these days, shared in-person experiences can help build team identity and unity. Volunteering with others in an impactful way helps to build meaningful bonds among staff.
  • Improved public profile. Your company can highlight such volunteer events in its public relations posts, thereby boosting its image as an active participant in improving others’ quality of life.

For further information, please contact:

Volunteer location: 1810 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 – just one mile north of the White House.

The volunteer experience includes meaningful conversations about food security

The Channel Company sponsored a large event with us through their Channel@Work program. 25 people spent the afternoon with us, some delivering to clients, others working in the pantry. Everyone regrouped at the end for a recap and celebration of working together towards a great cause.

The team made their own video that really encapsulated the day!