A practice in assembly lines

We had a huge turnout of volunteers today, nearly 75 people showing up to help out! Needless to say, there were a lot of opportunities to make new friends. The only difficulty when we get such a large turnout is that we may not have enough jobs for everyone to do. So, we ask that groups limit their size to 15 people or come in a bunch of cars to do deliveries as we usually need more drivers. Today, we delivered 58 bags to all four quadrants of DC!

For those of you doing deliveries: some of our clients may not have much social interaction during the week since they are homebound, so if you feel comfortable chatting with them, please do so! Some of their stories are quite incredible and touching, turning struggle into triumph and negativity into compassion.
Annnnd here’s a small joke to keep you thinking for the week: What do you call a fake noodle?
We’ll release the answer next Saturday..
Thanks for helping to provide some of your neighbors in DC with adequate food. Until next weekend!

P.S. Please remember to turn in your sheets!