Kathy Winters – Site Coordinator

Kathy began volunteering with Food for All the summer of 2008 after seeing an ad posted on Craigslist. The biggest attraction for Kathy volunteering at FFA was how easy it was to volunteer; there is no special training or time commitment. She liked the flexibility of just showing up on Saturday mornings.
Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Kathy has lived in the DC area for almost 20 years. She loves the history and culture of the District and appreciates how fortunate she is to live in such a fascinating city.
Food for All gives volunteers, like Kathy, the chance to meet and appreciate the residents in every quadrant of DC. Kathy likes how FFA is an easy and fun volunteering experience and a great way to meet wonderful people.

Kathy’s day job is HR/Office Manager for a small telecom law firm in downtown DC. She enjoys traveling and any type of outdoor activities.

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