Chris & Jenny: Supporting a Relationship with New Experiences

Two years ago, when their boys had grown up, Chris and Jenny looked for other ways to use their time. A friend was already volunteering at FFA, so they willingly accepted his invitation to join the group.

They have been bagging groceries on Thursday mornings ever since. They enjoy the company of the volunteers and look forward to seeing these old and new friends each week. They feel they are getting more out of volunteering than they put in.

In addition, Chris delivers food on Saturdays, sometimes with their oldest son, who had this to say: “We have fun going around the city and meeting new people with different backgrounds. Some of them even remember my dad’s name.”

Chris and Jenny agree that volunteering at FFA has given them something completely different to get involved in. They love the new conversations that have been sparked by their shared experience. “Sharing something different with a partner is a key to a good long-term relationship,” said Jenny.

They also enjoy driving through the city to get to FFA. They both grew up in DC and point out places linked to their histories. “It has been great to piece together each other’s biographies,” Chris reflected.

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