Cathy & Hank: Better Together

Cathy and Hank started volunteering with FFA in September 2020 as a way to help the community get through the Covid-19 pandemic. Cathy returns voicemails and messages one day per week and also schedules deliveries. On Fridays, Cathy and Hank deliver meals to FFA clients together.

“It was a time we could be together doing something we enjoyed, as we were both working full time during Covid,” said Cathy. “Volunteering together gives us a chance to share the experiences together, and it also helps to have two when navigating the city.”

Over the years, Cathy and Hank have enjoyed meeting other FFA volunteers and clients, building relationships that keep them coming back. They say they’ve been impressed by the optimism and the dedication to going above and beyond that they see at Food For All.

“There is one client we visit, Helen, who is always filled with so much joy and sunshine,” said Cathy. “We always leave with such joy, and we vow to each other to never complain about anything again.”

Both Cathy and Hank agree they’re happy they started volunteering together and recommend FFA to others who have time to give.

“Volunteering at FFA is easy, impactful and enjoyable,” Cathy said. “The ability to relieve a client’s stress of where their next meals are coming from by delivering healthy groceries to their door is amazing. This is especially true for families, because SNAP often does not cover the cost of groceries for growing children. I think if we can lessen someone else’s load, we should take the opportunity to do it.”

“Our society needs to get back to a sense of community, and each of us must take action toward that end — this is one of the ways we hope to be living up to that ideal,” Hank added.

We’re so grateful for the time Cathy and Hank give to FFA (and the time they gave for this interview!). Our volunteers make Food For All DC possible — we wouldn’t be here without each of you, whether you volunteer as a family or on your own.

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