Interview: Cindy, Volunteer and Donor

A short interview with Cindy, a Food For All donor and volunteer

What’s a memorable experience you’ve had with FFA?

There is one client, an elderly woman on crutches recently diagnosed with cancer, who carefully goes through the grocery bags with me, giving back those items she doesn’t need or can’t use so that I can deliver them to someone else in need, all the while telling me about her life. A former client, originally from Ethiopia, was always thinking of giving back, once coming to FFA to share Ethiopian bread and coffee with the staff and volunteers. A third client, a retired beautician, is so friendly and has the most amazing style — one time I complimented her on her shoes, black with gold dots, which matched her black and gold outfit, and she said that she had painted the dots on her shoes with nail polish! Yet another regular client is very lonely, having lost her husband due to COVID, and seems as pleased to see me every two weeks as she is to get the food.

Cindy with her arm around another woman, both wearing masks and smiling.

Why is being a FFA donor meaningful for you?

When I donate, I have two questions; “Are my funds really needed?” and “Will the money really go to those in need?” The answer to both those questions for Food for All is an unqualified YES!! The need for food in our community is very high; furthermore, although food does not solve all problems, food insecurity and hunger needs to be fixed first before any other problems can be tackled. As for the second question, Food for All spends very little on overhead, and virtually all funds and donations go directly to those in need.

Why should others also donate to FFA?

The need for the food, and for the food to be delivered, is great; both the monetary donations and volunteering really make a difference.

What does FFA’s tagline “Solidarity Through Food” represent for you?

Food is among the most basic needs of human beings, on the one hand; and on the other hand, food plays such an important role in relationships among people and within a society. The relief many of the clients feel in knowing that they will have enough to eat is palpable, and their joy in receiving turkeys and other holiday food during Thanksgiving week really brought home the true meaning of that holiday.

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