Food Sharing Stories: Althea Black

Over 45 years ago, in a high school in northeast DC, Ms. Black met a friend for life. They were opposites. Ms. Black was reserved, Di was outgoing. But it was in their differences that they found compatibility. As they grew in life experience they always supported each other by sharing spiritual lessons and advice on how to make life work better.

They also shared food! During their high school friendship, they decided to share one day a year together as best friends. That day became Thanksgiving Day. Every Thanksgiving since (with the exception of the covid years), they and their families have gathered together to honor unshakeable friendship.

Thanksgiving became a symbol of a friendship that never faltered. In fact, even in the covid period, the sharing of food continued. When Ms. Black was rendered homebound by the coronavirus, Di and her husband would driver over to her apartment to leave food at her door.

If we have “friends-security,” then “food-security” will take care of itself. “I love Di,” says Ms. Black. “There is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.”

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