Through a diverse collaboration of stakeholders, FFA DC has become a beacon of hope for many of the District’s food insecure residents. Such cooperative action strengthens civil society and helps guarantee the fundamental human right of food security.

FFA’s stakeholders include our volunteers with their heart-felt service, social workers with their referrals, corporate partners with their resources, and you, the donors, with your generosity.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to share with you a short story reflecting the collaborative power of food to connect and strengthen communities.

In early September, FFA hosted GEICO’s marketing team for a group volunteer event. One of the team’s members, Maya, also a volunteer driver with FFA, advocated on FFA’s behalf and secured a much needed $20,000 GEICO grant.

Also participating was Yemi, a former client whom FFA had assisted when she was recovering from serious illness. After the GEICO team had bagged and delivered food, we gathered to enjoy conversation over Yemi’s traditional Ethiopian coffee and bread. Yemi mentioned how in Ethiopia serving coffee is a way to bring neighbors together to share stories, seek advice, and deepen community.

On that September afternoon, Yemi’s coffee brought together not only neighbors, but also stakeholders. In discussion we affirmed the importance of joining hands across diversity to work collectively for a better society.

                                 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

The sharing of food is one of the sweetest expressions of human culture. When we break bread together, we thrive together. Thank you for your contributions that make this happen.

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