August News — Partners in Solidarity

From the Director: Solidarity Partners

Photo of Peter Sage, Food For All Executive Director

A crucial aspect of FFA’s ability to fulfill its mission is its relationship with like-minded partners. Our diverse partners help us with funding, and food access, delivery, and distribution. Just as an individual needs support from others to survive (including that of Mother Earth!), an organization needs bonds of solidarity to succeed.

FFA thanks all those entities that walk with us on the path of service and welcomes two new partners highlighted in this newsletter: DoorDash for food delivery, and GEICO for funding. Together we fight food insecurity!

Distribution Partner: Trabajadores Unidos

FFA has partnered with Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC (United Workers of Washington DC) since the height of the pandemic, supplying food on a weekly basis to the day laborer community. This partnership exemplifies FFA’s slogan “Solidarity through Food.”

We recently met up with Mario Cristaldo, TU’s executive director. Mario has been in the non-profit sector for 20 years and recently joined TU to further his life’s mission of advocating for those without a strong voice in society. He has already made some great achievements, starting a resource center for day laborers, lobbying the DC Government to get stimulus money for TU members, and securing health insurance available to low-income workers.

FFA is pleased to stand in solidarity with TU and the important community it supports.  The day laborers know that if food is ever in short supply at home, they can access the deliveries made by FFA every Friday without condition.  

New Delivery Partner: Door Dash

With demand for food increasing due to rising costs and with volunteers returning to the office, FFA has struggled to find enough weekday drivers. Enter Project Dash, DoorDash’s nationwide service project. FFA now has a solid partnership with DoorDash that provides over 50 free household deliveries every week. Thanks to this partnership, we never have to turn people away due to a shortage of volunteer drivers.

FFA is delighted that first Amazon Fresh, and now DoorDash, have recognized our important work of providing food security for our DC neighbors. These solid partnerships give us strength – and legitimacy – as a volunteer run organization.

New Funding Partner: GEICO

GEICO provides its employees the opportunity to highlight organizations for which they volunteer during its annual giving program. This year, Maya, a Saturday volunteer driver, presented FFA to the selections committee and secured a $20,000 donation! The committee appreciated the grassroots and volunteer nature of FFA, as well as the ease with which people can volunteer. Thank you, GEICO and Maya!

We are grateful for our amazing, committed volunteers, and all who continue to support FFA in every way. 

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