Partner Profile: Amazon Fresh

In August 2021, Food For All partnered with Amazon Fresh through a program administered by the Capital Area Food Bank called Meal Connect. This partnership has become incredibly beneficial as it permits FFA to offer a broader range of food to our client participants. Every Thursday we pick up a truckload of meats, dairy items, bread and a selection of shelf stable food from Amazon Fresh Chevy Chase.

Our clients have noticed the new choices. Inez, for example, told us she had never eaten organic dairy before and was thrilled with the Greek yogurt. Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to share in the joys of discovering new favorites. Hearing from our community members like Inez makes us even more motivated to continue to grow partnerships like these.

Pet lovers (isn’t that all of us?) will appreciate that we even receive dog food periodically. We recently provided a gourmet brand to a client with a service dog. She reported that she had never seen such a contented look on the dog’s face! We love being able to be a part of people’s lives in this way, including their four-legged friends!

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