Interview with Jaime

Jaime came to DC in 1993 to further his career as a make-up artist. He fell in love with the city due to its diversity, its energy and its many events. The pandemic was devastating for Jaime’s work as social distancing and make-up artistry don’t mix well! Jaime connected with Food For All in July 2020.

Food For All: What was the initial response from FFA?

Jaime: Welcoming! I was at a challenging part of my life. I had no income. I could not go out. Food For All came into my life when I needed their help the most.

Food For All: What was the service from FFA like?

Jaime: After the first food delivery I said to myself, “Jaime, we are cooking tonight!” I did not expect to receive such healthy food, especially all the fresh produce. With that first delivery I felt like a kid opening a Christmas present.

I appreciate how you give me food choices depending on what you have in your pantry at a given time. I had a humble beginning in Texas, with both parents working on farms. We never wasted food, and that principle stays with me. When FFA only delivers food that I like and need, then nothing will go to waste.

Food For All: Now that you are getting back to work again, what will be a takeaway from FFA?

Jaime: Food For All has reminded me what a healthy diet looks like, a diet that is nutritious and tasty. I have rekindled my love for fresh corn, for example. Corn baked with olive oil and salt is divine!

Food For All: Would you like to share any other life principles?

Jaime: Sure! The principle of “Every little bit helps!” A little extra food can provide comfort. A little extra kindness can make someone’s day. The little details are important. Just saying “good morning,” to someone, for example, can change their mood.

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