Donate to Food For All’s Fall Campaign

Dear Friend,

Like most of us during the past 18 months, Food For All DC had to change. We adapted. We grew. We rose to the occasion to fill the food security gaps made even worse by the pandemic. Our core mission resonated with the need of the times: to safely deliver food to food insecure and homebound DC residents.

FFA works not just because of what we do, but because of how we do it. We do it with a smile. We do it with respect. And we do it with care. Clients even comment on the way our food bags are organized, appreciating the healthy options and the orderly packing.

Today, we are asking you to give generously to our all-volunteer organization.

Yes, we do it with volunteers. Our core team of dedicated volunteers has developed efficient systems to provide community service with minimal overhead. We don’t have a high barrier to entry for recipients or for volunteers, and we don’t have a top-heavy administration. We are nimble and well-organized. Our volunteers say that this efficiency, coupled with the human warmth drives, them to work with FFA consistently.

When you invest in Food For All, you’re providing food for your neighbors and promoting human connection, a need that became even more evident in the pandemic.

It is not just about food. It’s also about letting our neighbors know that they aren’t alone, be they blind clients who request our volunteers to read food labels, elders yearning for conversation, or immunocompromised individuals fearing social contact. This spirit of community infuses every part of what we do, from packing bags to interacting with volunteers and clients.

Fortunately, thanks to you, we weren’t alone, either. Your past contributions helped us dramatically scale up our operations to meet the unprecedented needs of the pandemic. Your continued commitment to this work will help us to create innovative solutions to meet needs as they arise.

Because of our track record, and our determination to keep working through the pandemic, the Capital Area Food Bank selected us as one of only five hubs for food distribution. As a hub, we gathered 16 organizational partners through whom we delivered food in bulk to reach even more DC residents. We were seen as the people to get it done, and we did. We went from serving 140 to 3,700 people weekly.

We haven’t stopped for the past 31 years. And we are asking you to contribute generously today to ensure that this work can continue long into the future.

Continued support and funding will allow us to iterate and to grow to meet the needs of our neighbors and our city. We need to raise $120,000 this year to keep up our current levels of service and plan for the future. Can you help us reach our goal? Please contribute generously this fall, and consider making a recurring donation to help support this work on an ongoing basis. This is a critical moment for FFA: we know we can do more for our community, and with your help, we will.

With thanks,

Peter Sage

Executive Director, FFA

P.S. Your contributions will go directly toward providing critical food and support to your neighbors today and into the future. Visit to donate and learn more. Thank you!

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