Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy and Hank

Cathy and Hank have been volunteering weekly with FFA since May 2020. They recently shared their observations and experiences in this interview.

Food For All: What keeps you motivated to volunteer?

Cathy & Hank: The economic reverberations of the pandemic have created a wide spectrum of needs for so many people. Many families don’t generate enough income to cover all expenses. Moreover, Food For All makes it so easy to volunteer. Everything is well organized, and the food we deliver is healthy.

FFA: What is your approach to volunteering?

C & H: Every citizen deserves to be treated with dignity. The elderly, the disabled, and mothers with babies cannot stand in line at a food pantry. So, we take food to them. This is the dignified way.

It’s dismaying when we hear people blaming others for being poor. Circumstances at birth play a big part in determining people’s destiny. So much of where you go in life depends on where you begin. Those born into adverse conditions need support.

FFA: How do the clients respond?

C & H: The clients are extremely grateful. Some are waiting for the food and are relieved when we show up. If ever we are late, they call to make sure we are on the road.

Some clients look out for each other. One woman called us after a delivery to say she had shared some of the food with a neighbor. She did not want to take advantage of our support by taking more than she needed.

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