Our news – mid-September 2020

Supply & Demand

Guess what? We again broke the previous record! with 2282 people assisted during the week with 20,500 lbs. of food.

This week, we received an inaugural delivery of 300 20 lb. boxes of fresh produce from Coastal Sunbelt Produce, a vendor for the USDA’s farmers to families program (also known as CFAP – Coronavirus Food Assistance Program). The delivery came straight from Coastal at 8 am, although it was organized by CAFB.

The high quality produce was greatly appreciated by all.  Ms. Gripper, our contact at the Phyllis Wheatley YWCA, called me yesterday to offer special thanks for the boxes we delivered on Friday. Ms. Gripper said, “The ladies’ eyes lit up when they opened the boxes. They were so happy just to see the color and freshness of the produce.”

I was heartened that people still get so excited about fresh produce. It is a sign that the junk food deserts have not had a lasting influence on people’s tastes.

Media Exposure

The “Food Bank Friday” interview with ABC7 news went well, considering it started at 5:30 am! I was happy to have sounded somewhat coherent at such an early hour.

Here is one of the interviews.

Volunteer appreciation

Diana Mata, a social worker at Bruce Monroe Elementary School, who has been referring parents to Food for All DC (FFA) since the beginning of the pandemic, felt moved to offer appreciation for the committed FFA volunteers. She wrote, “Your volunteers are beyond HEROES. Please thank all of them for us and on behalf of our families.”

Volunteer transitions

Mark is leaving the Friday bagging team due to teaching commitments. He has been a stabilizing presence since the beginning of the pandemic, and will be missed. However, he will continue to help on Saturdays.

Lauren is joining FFA as a volunteer executive assistant. Tomorrow she will receive the incoming calls and assign clients to delivery days. Having experienced the efficiency of FFA’s Saturday delivery operations, she felt inspired to help with administrative tasks as well. Welcome, Lauren!

Reza has offered to help with grant applications. He will start with a $5000 application for a Walmart grant. Reza has been doing Friday deliveries to our Spanish-speaking clients for the past four months.


FFA gained two new partner sites during the week: Anacostia Gardens Apartments and Benning Heights Apartments, both in Ward 7. Given the pressing demands for food in general, FFA will provide each building with 20 bags a month initially.

Saturday at Food for All DC

32 drivers showed up on Saturday. Maybe they heard about Jana’s banana bread!


Ali, a long term volunteer, asked family and friends to donate to FFA to honor her birthday, raising $1700. Thank you for the noble gesture, Ali.

Best wishes to all!

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