Early September 2020 update

Supply and Demand

The first week of September was our busiest ever, with 2280 people served. To meet the need we had to rent three 16 ft. trucks for the first time, with Mikey joining us as the new driver.

We are still getting weekly produce from the Whole Foods distribution center at Landover, MD. Last week Food for All DC (FFA) received a pallet of organic chard.


On Friday afternoon, we received two back-to-back calls from respected elders aged 88 and 96. The 88-year old, Deloris, was a competitive weightlifter back in the day when few women entered such a sport. She said the only thing that has stopped her working out with clients since then is the pandemic. That conversation got me back into my exercise regimen!


Sacred Heart Church had a busy distribution last Friday, serving 180 families with the food provided by FFA. The church has a large congregation, which translates into many volunteer hands helping unload the trucks.

Saturday at FFA

The number of volunteer drivers coming on Saturday is consistent at around 30, which makes the 110 deliveries run smoothly.

Jana’s zucchini bread was so tasty that it was consumed before anyone could grab their smartphone!

Thursday and Friday at FFA

We have started doing more deliveries on Thursday and Friday to take pressure off the Saturday operation. On Friday, we are also delivering to people with special food needs, such as diabetics.


Nothing new to report this week. Donations are trickling in through Facebook, PayPal and GoFundMe. We are still looking for someone to help research and write grants.

Media Exposure

The Capital Area Food Bank and ABC7 are organizing “Food Bank Fridays” to highlight the work of food pantries in the region. Food For All DC has been selected as the DC showcase. Our interviews tool take place Friday Sept 11 at various times between 5:30 and 8 am.

Here is our Director, Peter Sage being interviewed!

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