Yoga for All DC

Mariana has been volunteering with Food For All DC (FFA) since the beginning of the pandemic, serving as the intake coordinator for our Spanish speaking clients. To date, she has supported 114 of our clients.

Mariana enjoying feedback during an FFA yoga class!

Mariana is also a trained yoga teacher, and decided to offer her skills to FFA clients to help them relax and renew. Recently our Director Peter Sage interviewed Mariana about her work with Food for All DC.

Peter: How responsive were the Latina clients to yoga?

Mariana: Over the weeks, I have developed great relationships with many clients. It has been easy to connect with them. Many are open to yoga even though they have never practiced.

Peter: What has been the response?

Mariana: I have four mothers and their children. The class is very informal, with the children playing around and the mothers chatting. In one class, a child actually painted his mother’s face while she was in the relaxation pose!

Peter: How have they benefited?

Mariana: They are all new to yoga, so I keep the class simple and informal. They tell me it’s helpful exercise for them – they feel a good soreness in the muscles afterwards! Moreover, they get more relaxed.

Peter: How are you feeling about volunteering with Food For All DC in general?

Mariana: It’s a beautiful opportunity to be of service. It is so easy to connect with the clients and we often end up laughing together. I put them at ease as many of them never had to ask for help before. They are used to supporting their families through hard work. Food For All DC has helped them a lot and they are so grateful.

FFA yoga in action!

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