Stronger Together

Over the last four weeks, Food For All DC (FFA) has assisted over 5000 food insecure people in the Washington DC area. We have dramatically increased our reach into the community by partnering with a number of grassroots organizations and community health centers, including:

  • Empower DC who give political and organizing power to vulnerable communities to advocate for their rights
  • Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center who offer creative online programs for youth – in which we plan to deliver 10 FFA laptops this week!
  • La Clinica del Pueblo who provide culturally appropriate health services to the Latino community
  • Mt. Pleasant Neighbors Helping Neighbors who connected Food For All DC with Bancroft Elementary School where 65% of the parents are Latino, and facing the crisis of unemployment.
  • Serve Your City who empowers and inspires at risk students with academic, athletic and community programs

Bancroft Elementary.edited (1)

image: unloading FFA grocery boxes at Bancroft Elementary

Food for All DC (FFA) provides food on a weekly basis to help these organizations support people in their radius of influence. These are people that FFA would not reach through its own network.

La Clinica (1)

image: sorting out FFA grocery bags at La Clinica del Pueblo

FFA is enjoying its new role as a hub in addition to delivering food to an average of 140 households a week. It is fulfilling to support the basic needs of individuals and to build solidarity with organizations committed to community enrichment.

Empower DC (1)

image: EmpowerDC making a difference to DC with FFA’s help

Finally we started distributing new t-shirts to our volunteers who also donate. Thanks to Brian Van Wye and Lindsay Clark from Clark and Carle at Compass Real Estate for sponsoring.

Here is the Saturday FFA crew ‘modelling’ this season’s shirt collection…

Motly Crew (10x20)

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