A brief update from our team of volunteers!

John, our stage/food pantry coordinator, emailed us all last week with a great idea. Respond to team and give a quick update on life since the world changed!

We thought we’d share our responses with everyone – here goes!


I’m social distancing by coming in every Wednesday morning and putting the food out on the stage for the upcoming weekend. I fill some bags and take them with me. Kathy emails me a list of deliveries on Friday, and I leave straight from home on Saturday morning. It works out well, but I miss seeing everyone on Saturday mornings. I wonder if we’ll ever get back to a semblance of the ‘good ole days.’


I have indeed been doing FFA stuff – I’m on an every-other-Friday schedule to help fill the bags with all those groceries that you put on the stage for each weekend’s deliveries. We’ve got a Friday team that’s me plus a couple of other guys. I definitely miss all the old gang, and you’re right, who knows what the future will bring, whether we will ever get back to something like normal again. Summer and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, we’ll see. But at least folks in my life are still feeling healthy, and we’ll hope that continues.


Yes, still involved with FFA each Saturday and Food Rescue as well. Still working from home though work is looking bleak. Other than that, all is well. I’m healthy and happy and life is good.


I’m still involved with FFA. Same drill or so every Saturday! I’m doing great, ‘magic’ as I always say. Everyone back home is healthy and safe. I am thankful for that. Been enjoying my ‘staycation’ (the Grand Canyon will have to wait next year!).


I’m on the Saturday crew, organizing the driver deliveries. My “song & dance” has become, “do you have a mask, do you have gloves, are you okay going into a high-rise buildings”? And very specific instructions for those clients that are positive. This is the new FFA. As typical, each Saturday is very chaotic and we all “air” high-five each other when we’re done. It always just works out. That is always the theme of FFA!

Jess and Kevin

Kevin and I are well. We are driving to FFA clients on Saturday mornings so we get to say hi to a few folks from our CRV. We’ve been cooking up a storm, watching tons of movies, and reading lots of books. Glad to be healthy!

Carmella & Tate!

Hey friends…I sure do miss the old days of FFA and really miss seeing the peeps on the Friday shift! This was a great idea John… cause you certainly couldn’t get me to go on yet another virtual meet up on my down time! Tate who is now weighing in at 80 lbs has not been happy with me leaving without him the last 3 months…he is dying to get back to work or shall I say making more work for me! Perhaps soon.


I have been going to FFA on Saturdays with my son, Marcell, as much as possible. My permanent hotel job (The Willard Hotel) is on pause, but hopefully I will be able to resume normal work and life once all those curious and generous travelers return. Wishful thinking, but I am positive!

Kathryn, Tim, Leo and Anna

It’s beyond lovely to hear all your “voices” in e-form, and heartening to know you’re well and that FFA has adapted to current constraints and demands and continues to do such incredible and important work.

Leo wears his FFA shirt weekly and keeps asking when we can return. We’re all healthy and well. Homeschooling‘s “zooming” along and Leo’s becoming quite the techie now that he has access to a computer for schoolwork daily. Anna, now age 4, talks about all the plans she has for when “the corona birus” is over.


On the Saturday morning basement crew with Anne, Molly and Frank. Largely packing bags or hauling boxes for some of our new partners like DC Mutual Aid and EmpowerDC and a Latinx group and a Mt Pleasant group. And bringing bread from Lyon Bakery – which has drastically cut production (and laid off employees) but still supplying us with 100 or more loaves per week.


I definitely miss seeing everyone on Saturday mornings. Our family is chugging along just fine. Alisha and I are some of the lucky ones and are still working from home. Our little guy is now four months old and takes up every shred of our free time. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all at FFA and hope everyone stays healthy and safe in the meantime.

Kate (Food Rescue DC)

Work for FRUS continues but is different. More volunteers than ever though. It is heartening to see people stepping up.

Peter (Director)

Normally, I would be traveling at this time to provide technical support to AMURT’s international projects. But the virus changed those plans! Hence, I have been supporting FFA full time with client intake, partner relations, food supply and, now, resource mobilization. I have spoken with hundreds of people these past two months, hearing their (sometimes harrowing) stories and assigning them delivery days. It has given me a broader overview of people’s lives. Gosh! There is so much struggle out there…
It is very gratifying when, as happened last week, a case manager from Miriam’s Kitchen said that FFA is “efficient and prompt.”


I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished. Now a Thanksgiving delivery is NOTHING! we can do that in our sleep! As for me, I’ve been doing some fundraising, answering emails from the new volunteers (our base must be huge now – our email list is over 3000) and going to the church on Thursdays and Fridays to help out. I’ve also been focusing on our new office which is almost done! Missing the Saturday crew! You guys are doing a great job.


Great to hear from the Fabulous Food For All team. I’m happy to help anytime; have been holding off for now on Saturday deliveries because when I did go, there was a wonderfully long line of volunteers in cars. It’s so gratifying to see.

Brian (Food Not Bombs)

I have seen photos and Instagram press of FFA helping (the FFA-stamped bags!!!) so many grassroots organizations and community activists that I know. I am certain this work has immense value to our community because it has been so we’ll received. Food Not Bombs DC hasn’t missed a single serving this year  handing out clam-shell to go containers of vegan food.


It’s so nice to meet so many of you who make sure the FFA gears stay turning! I love that I still get to see some of you at 8am on Saturdays (more like 8:15, since Frank & I can never seem to hit 8 on the dot…), and many MANY thanks to the week-day and Friday groups who make this happen! I’ve been doing well. Working from home until September at least, but staying super busy between work and FFA and the pups! Dog parks are finally back in business so the pups should be less grumpy soon. Will report back.

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