A record week at Food for All DC

This week, Food For All DC broke all its records. We received 124 phone calls (in normal times we were getting 10 a week) and we distributed 191 food bags, benefiting around 300 people (breaking last week’s record of 200 people).  Thankfully, we are still able to meet the demand and are getting more streamlined to cope with the new and fast changing reality.

This week, we partnered with two organizations: Passion City Church and Ward 6 Mutual Aid. Passion City has provided on-call drivers for emergency deliveries during the week, and Mutual Aid, a loose coalition of citizens and community-based organization, will service the food deficient residents of Ward 5 and 6 in Washington DC.


Image: Darlene and Pamela accepting FFA deliveries at the YWCA

Food For All DC is receiving referrals from twenty social workers, who are grateful for the opportunity to get food delivered to their clients. Elisa from Network for Victim Recovery of DC said, “I really can’t thank you enough.” And a social worker from Mary’s Center wrote, “We are so grateful for your program.”

Our fundraising broke new records also – we’ve raised over $13,000 in one month thanks to the generosity of folks from all over the USA and beyond!

Food For All DC is blessed with remarkable volunteers. On Saturday, over 50 drivers (another record) showed up in their personal vehicles to offer to deliver food throughout Washington D.C. It is clear that the human spirit of service is strong and steady.


Image: Food ready for packing 190 bags

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