A special request from Chuck…

We are all Food For All DC volunteers

My name is Chuck Coughlin, and I have recently begun volunteering to help Food For All DC raise funds to support its mission.  I’m not writing to ask you for money.  I’m writing to ask for your continued support for Food For All DC by providing knowledge and ideas you may have about funding sources.

Like many of you, I’ve been to the basement of Universalist National Memorial Church to pack groceries and make deliveries to DC’s homebound residents.  I’ve seen how Food For All DC brings DC residents together, fostering both a sense of community and of giving.  I’ve met the homebound people Food For All DC serves, including families, elderly, and the sick.  One elderly woman especially struck me when I delivered food to her, as she beamed with joy, telling me how Food For All DC gives her the ability to offer her grandchildren apple juice when they visit.  I’m sure many of you could share similarly rewarding stories.

Let’s continue working together to make sure Food For All DC has what it needs to continue doing so much good for the District

  • Do you know of a private trust which makes funds available for nonprofit community organizations like Food For All DC?
  • Does your employer donate to or sponsor nonprofit organizations within our community?
  • Are you aware of events in which nonprofit organizations may participate to raise funds?

Just as we come together week-after-week to pack and deliver groceries, let’s work together to identify ways in which Food For All DC may raise funds to support its mission of ensuring that our homebound neighbors may eat.

If you know of any funding sources or have any ideas as to how Food For All DC may support its mission, please email me at chuck@foodforalldc.org.

On behalf of Food For All DC, I thank you for any information you can provide about funding sources, and I thank you for being a volunteer.



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