Just another volunteer…

One thing you’ll notice is that when you volunteer at Food for All DC is that it’s very informal. We treat everyone the same. All volunteers are expected to muck in and help; whether it’s bagging produce, filling grocery bags or picking up trash and recycling.

This especially goes for our good friend Senator Jon Tester and his wife Sharla who’ve volunteered with us on a number of occasions. There was no fanfare or fuss when the Senator and his wife volunteered with us during last year’s federal government shutdown. We put them to work on our assembly line packing Food for All DC grocery bags with a selection of cans, pasta, juice and pasta.

Senator Jon Tester portrait

Then as soon as the packing was done they stepped right up to go out and deliver some of the bags they just filled!

Read more about the Senator’s recent visit to Food for All DC here in David Parker’s blog about his upcoming new book on the Montana 2012 senate race.

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