Weekend update & we have t-shirts for sale!

We had a pretty good turnout on Saturday morning and delivered grocery bags to 46 households all over DC – thanks! Great to see some old and new faces!

The big news was that we received our delivery of our very own t-shirts co-designed by us and Micah at DC Shirt and Print a local shirt company who do amazing work.

The shirts really do look awesome and are extremely comfortable. We currently have all sizes and they are available to purchase in person (on Saturdays) for a mere $20!

Check out our 3 ‘models’…

Also here is Ryan at the FFA stall out in Quincey Park, Arlington where we did a food and donations drive as part of the Reddit DC Global Meetup Day – Thanks to everyone a who attended that event and gave to FFA. It was great to be asked to the event and even though we could only stay an hour and a half we still raised nearly $100 and sold 2 t-shirts! We also collected a box of cans that will be delivered to our clients next weekend!

FFA Reddit stall at Quincey Park

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